Sustainability is a buzzword of the decade and while everyone´s talking about it, we are not on track to meet the UN´s 17 SDGs.

The UN has released the goals to tackle the greatest global challenges in 2015 and 6 years later we are still struggling to make progress.

We have to take action, it is no longer an option to turn a blind eye.

Implementing sustainable practices creates value in your company, moreover it ensures preserving our ecosystems and improves the quality of our lives. These issues are changing the world as we know it and paying attention to sustainability issues is also a way to future proof your business by:

  • Ensuring your business is ready for new regulations
  • Being ready for consumers increasingly making decisions based on sustainability performance of companies
  • Anticipating risks of climate change 

Society and business co-exist in the environment of the Earth affecting one another. One cannot thrive without the other and therefore, we must adjust the way we do things to support these environments. There is business value in adopting sustainable practices as well.

It forces you to evaluate your entire business model which can often lead to:

  • discovering new opportunities
  • becoming more efficient and thus reducing costs
  • building brand image
  • increased employee engagement
  • helps ensure you are ready for new legislation, continuously being developed by governments to make these changes a common practice

When you integrate sustainability at the core of your business, it becomes a part of your business strategy and brings the most value to both your business and the society.

It creates shared value.

To create shared value is to have a positive impact on not only your bottom line but also the environment and/or the society. Creating shared value by designing processes that are sustainable, support restoration of what we have lost, and grow the economy will ensure a future we all want to live in. By taking an approach of creating shared value you can gain:

  • Improved and stronger brand value
  • Competitive advantage
  • Redefined productivity in the value chain
  • Stronger supplier relationships supporting high-quality of your products
  • Builds trust with customers, investors, and business partners

It matters because it creates the impact we need, to protect the quality of our life for the future. 

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Lívia Petrufová

Sustainability konsulent

Lívia Petrufová

Sustainability konsulent